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Red Cross Response to Dubuque Home Explosion Continues

Photo credit: David Kettering, Telegraph-Herald

Multiple properties, including homes and apartment buildings, were damaged by an explosion on Monday in Dubuque leaving several individuals in need of assistance. Red Cross disaster workers were on the scene immediately following the explosion and continue to serve affected residents.

The Red Cross is providing hotel accommodations for 54 individuals who have been displaced by the explosion. Hotels lodging is the preferred method of sheltering during the current pandemic.

The Red Cross is also providing meals, supplies and health services to those being provided shelter. As of last night, the Red Cross has:

· Served more than 325 meals and snacks

· Distributed nearly 30 comfort kits, which includes basic hygiene items and support goods

· Made more than 35 health services contacts

Volunteers continue to assist the impacted residents and will help them develop a recovery plan to address their needs that arose following the explosion.

COVID-19 has not changed the mission of the Red Cross and volunteers continue to answer the call, as they always have. Reasonable steps are being taken to protect volunteers and those being served so that the delivery of services can continue.

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