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Thankful for Our Volunteers

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

This Thanksgiving will be a little different. We’re isolated from loved ones and perhaps having to think a bit harder for what we’re thankful for this year. Despite this year’s challenges, our answer to what we at the Nebraska-Iowa Red Cross are thankful for is easy – our volunteers.

Our volunteers help at blood drives, deploy to disaster responses and even work virtually to support people in need of assistance. They give of themselves to help others.

Paul Badje, Nadeen Thompson and Barb Bushe have worked so many blood drives in their area since COVID-19 began that we’ve lost count. They ensure blood drives run smoothly and offer comfort and support to donors.

Carolyn Jensen and Deb Olson left their homes on multiple occasions to help with disaster responses, including the derecho in Iowa, to drive an Emergency Response Vehicle and provide food and supplies to folks in need.

Stewart Coulson has helped lead the way for disaster mental health volunteers who deployed virtually to help those struggling with disasters and the effects of COVID19.

So many others have given their time and energy to carry out the Red Cross mission, and we’re grateful to each and every one of them.

“It’s just something that’s in me”, said Barb Bushe when asked why she’s been a Red Cross volunteer for the past 10 years. “What people don’t realize is that it helps you.”

Thank you to all our dedicated, selfless volunteers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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