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Sending Holiday Cheer to our Troops

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The Red Cross Holidays for Heroes enables Americans to “Give Something That Means Something” this holiday season and other holidays year-round. We are inviting the public to join us to thank and recognize members of the military, veterans and their families .

One way to support our service members is by sending care packages to our Red Cross teams who are deployed in-theater offering all Red Cross services, and provide on-the-ground comfort and build morale. This is a great way to support the Red Cross and the service members at the same time.

Here are the wish lists and mailing addresses:

Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center

American Red Cross

Attn: Lisa Ann Rohr

Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC)

APO AE 09305

Wish list: Gum, Coffee (K Cups Cafissimo Podsa) Coffee Creamer, Snacks, Nuts, Crackers, Popcorn

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

American Red Cross

Attn: Lakeisha Simms

APO AE 09366

Wish list: Gum, Coffee Grinder, Large Baggies, On-the-go Snacks, Drink Mixes, Non-Aerosol Shaving Sream, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, Lotion, Deodorant, Individually-Wrapped candy, Popcorn, Mouthwash, Shower Shoes, Blankets, Ramen, Oatmeal

Camp Buehring, Kuwait

American Red Cross

Attn: Rena Forcum

APO AE 09330

Wish list: Gum, Individually-Wrapped snacks, Individual Drink Mixes, Q-tips, Sunscreen, Coffee, Cream, Sugar


American Red Cross

Attn: Kelsey Smith

PSC 831 Box 27

FPO AE 09902-0001

Wish list: Board Games, DVDs, Paint/Canvasses/Brushes, Books (Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Biography, etc), Coffee, Bug Spray/Mosquito Nets, Freeze Pops, Gardening Seeds and Tools

Pozan, Poland

American Red Cross

Attn: Andrea Szkil

1 CD FWD Unit 93401

APO AE 09103-0100

Wish list: Gum, Candy, Non-Aerosol Shaving Cream/Gel, Drink Mixes, Small Bottles of Hand Sanitizer, Face Wash, Travel-Size Shampoo & Conditioner, Ziploc Bags, Individually-Wrapped Cookies/Crackers, Deodorant, Mouthwash, Baby Wipes, Toothpaste, Noodle/Ramen Cups

MKAB, Romania

American Red Cross-MKAB

Attn: Rebecca Gosselin

Unit 20015

APO AE 09749-1500

Wish list: Any snack/candy items, Hand Warmers, Hand Sanitizer, Coffee, Tea, Hot cocoa, Individual Drink Mixes, Non-Aerosol Shaving Cream/Gel, Winter Hats, Winter Gloves

Organization or individuals wanting to mail items overseas will be responsible for shipping. Medium flat rate box with custom form is the least expensive way to ship items overseas to military addresses.

The addresses above are provided for our deployed Service to Armed Forces Red Cross Stations. Addresses need to be completed as shown below to ensure that packages are mailed to the proper post office locations. Do Not include the country in the mailing address – it will be delayed in customs and quite possibly not be delivered. It will also incur a significant fee.

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