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"No Better Feeling Than Helping"

By Dani Mallis

There are many volunteer opportunities in the American Red Cross. One essential position in disaster response is Duty officer. The duty officer is responsible for responding to home fires in the region, getting all the important information and dispatch the on-call response volunteers. Mike Champ of Bellevue, Nebraska, has been a volunteer for 32 Years. He is the Regional Duty Officer Lead and has worked with Training Services and Service to the Armed Forces. Champ is a loyal and crucial volunteer in the Red Cross.

“I joined the Red Cross as a CPR and First Aid instructor,” he said. “I later got involved with Disaster Services and really enjoyed helping people. I stayed with the Red Cross because I believe in the mission of the organization and I find that the other Red Crossers I work with are great people. I am not able to find a better feeling than helping others during some of the worst moments of their lives.”

It isn’t easy for Champ to pick a favorite Red Cross memory. “Wow, I have so many memories it is hard to choose,” he said. “I would have to say that in my current role of Regional Duty Officer Lead, I love being the person who begins the Red Cross response to help those in need. I not only get to help the families; I get to train volunteers and provide guidance and support to responders. The Red Cross has helped me develop as a leader, with training, mentorship and amazing knowledge of those I work with.”

If you would like to be like Mike or learn more about the Red Cross you can visit

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