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Iowa State Comes Together to Give Blood

The energy and sense of community was palpable at the Iowa State University Memorial Union this week as students, faculty and staff came together to give blood and host one of the largest student-run blood drives in the country. Over 1,000 donors gave 1,216 units of blood. The donating atmosphere was fun, with music blaring, donor gifts, snacks and even a selfie station.

Co-directors of Blood Drive, Payton Nierman and Louie Ervin attribute the success of the blood drives to their fellow committee members who truly believe in the cause. Committee members handle marketing, form relationships with local business for donations and work hard to encourage students to give blood. "I want to be part of something bigger than myself," said Nierman about her involvement.

The Blood Drive committee's message to students was simple: Giving blood is an easy way to make an impact. It is clearly a message that resonates with students donating in-between classes and some professors even giving extra credit for donating. Ervin and Nierman agree that the best part about Blood Drive is seeing other students come to give. "It's cool to see the community come together as a whole," said Ervin.

During the four day drive, students also had opportunities to learn hands-only CPR and engage in a dynamic discussion about international humanitarian law in a "Even War Has Rules" session. Both classes were offered by the American Red Cross. All sessions were full.

To learn more about Blood Drive at Iowa State, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In recent months, the Red Cross experienced a decline in donations, leading to a 20 percent drop in supply. Please schedule an appointment to give blood to help ensure that blood products are always available to those who need them. Visit to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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